Wednesday, October 13, 2021

Mary's Pics for the 2021 General



District No 2

      Bob Iyall Native leader greener.

Jesse W Simmons wants ranked voting. This uses the kind of voting machines favored by those that wish to change votes. NOT ON BALLOT THOUGH. However, seems to have better idea for port.


District No 3

      Amy Evans Joel Hansen worried about climate change


City of Bucoda

Council Position 3

Kevin over Koeller on the face of it. Not much info available.



City of Lacey

Council Position 4

      Emma McSharry endorsed by R’s over Robin Vasquez far left darling

Council Position 7

      Felix Peguero-Reyes endorsed by R’s over Carolyn H. Cox another far left darling



City of Olympia

Council Position 2

Robbi Kesler less bad over Yen Huynh leftist

Council Position 4

      Clark Gilman climate nut v Candace Mercer somewhat rational, but supports the Palestinians as in the Rafah Wall I would pray, probably vote Candace as Olympia can’t do much about the Palestinians

Council Position 5

Wendy Carlson some R’s endorsed over Lisa Parshley endorsedby main D’s and Talauna Reed way left 

Council Position 6

      Corey Gauny some R’s endorse over Dontae Payne way left

Council Position 7

      Spence Weigand over Jim Cooper D’s pic


City of Tenino

Council Position 1

     Linda Gotovac

Council Position 2

     Elaine Klamm

Council Position 3

     John J. O’Callahan

Council Position 4

      Jason Lawton          


City of Tumwater

Council Position 1


      Pamela Hanson not Debbie although Pamela is apparently currently living in her car  

      Council Position 6

      Alex Rossiter not Peter


City of Yelm


      Joe DePinto Little info on Debbie and he seems to be doing a good job

Council Position 3

Joshua Crossman seems to have better thought-out plans over Jalane McAtee

Council Position 4

Holly Smith voted against collecting vaccination records over Steffen Burney

Council position 5

      Brian Hess

Council Position 7

      Terry Kaminski over Christopher Chai social justice warrior




Centralia School district

Position 1

    Audra Messegee-Evans ? better?

               Debra L Parnham



position 4

     Anne Larsen   Julie Osterberg


North Thurston School District

District 2

     Tiffany Sevruk for parents

District 3

     Jennifer Thomas less bad


Olympia School District No. 111

Director, District No.3

Mark Boyer over Darcy Huffman D choice

Director, District No. 5

Don Mitchell would have face to face learning over Scott Clifthorne endorsed by D’s




District 4

      Rebecca Stillings




District 5

     Mark Weaver




District 1

     Laurie Sale not for CRT or enforced vaccines

District 4

     Melissa Determan Beard primarily because the other candidate just wants to have the office and no issues seem to be thought through




I am against all of them, but the legislature passed 5315 which is #38 pretty much unanimously. They may know something I don’t and I didn’t research as our vote will be ignored anyway.



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