Monday, July 29, 2019

Mary's pics for the August 2019 Primary

Seemed harder to get info than usua, this is the best I can do.

City of Lacey      
City Council, Position No. 1
Troy Kirby Endorsements from people I know who hold office most are also Rotary members
Orndorff  volunteered to help the R’s run their fund raising booths. Seems conservative,  uses work sustainable (global buzzword but may not know that) Leaning Orndorff

City of Olympia      
Brenden Clerget – endorsed R’s

City Council, Position No. 2
Jessica Bateman prochoice, but not progressive

City Council, Position No. 3
Dani Madrone prochoice D not progressive

City of Yelm      

City Council, Position No. 1

Ej Curry
Centralia School District No. 401-L      

Director Pos 2

Jennifer Hoy
John F Elsmore
Beverly Clark only one with info not sure – looks more progressive

North Thurston Public Schools School        
School Board Director, District No. 1
Jason at LGBT
Gretchen Maliska incumbent
Other no info

Olympia School District No. 111        
School Board Director, District No. 1
Ahniwa Ferrari only one with site says libertarian
Maria Flores  D
Heath Howerton

Tenino School District No. 402        

School Board Director, District No. 4

Reva Rice only one with website teacher
Tamara (Tammy) Schroder
Jeffrey Copeland

Yelm Community School District      

School Board Director, District No.2

Donna R Edwards
Karen Anderson has a website, she has lots of questions, but no concrete answers.