Monday, July 18, 2016

August 2 Primary Mary's Pics

Scott Nazarino is endorsed by Don Benton, who I respect. Chris Vance was terrible as State R Chair, establishment all the way and says he will not vote for Trump .  That makes him for Hilary for all practical purposes.

CONGRESS 3 Jaime Herrera Beutler
CONGRESS 10 Jim Postama – another weak candidate, I think he runs anytime they need someone to make the D’s spend money.

GOVERNOR  Bill Bryant
LT. GOVERNOR Marty McClendon is fun and conservative. – Yin is establishment/Mainstream, Figueroa less so Rossi/McKenna. McClendon probably doesn’t have a chance. Personally gong to vote for his anyway. The Lt. Governor’s main job is keeping order in the Senate not voting on legislation or enforcing it.
SECRETARY OF STATE Kim Wyman – only R, not a favorite, but better than the alternative
TREASURER  Duane Davidson – less establishment
AUDITOR Mike Milosia – pro-life was a D and left
ATTORNEY GENERAL – voting for Trumbull, he has no money but not Ferguson – Arlene’s Flowers Why didn’t someone run against him
COMMISSIONER OF PUBLIC LANDS – Steve McLaughlin – the only candidate that will let us keep ours
SUPERINTENDENT OF PUBLIC INSTRUCTION – Ron Higgins per Research Mom/Sharon Hanek
INSURANCE COMMISSIONER – Richard Schrock – Murta pro-choice – don’t trust him on forced abortion coverage.
SUPREME COURT 5 – Greg Zempel

2              SENATE Randi Becker
               1 Andrew Barkis              
   2 JT Wilcox
20           SENATE John Braun
               1 Richard DeBolt
               2 Ed Orcutt
22           SENATE Steve Owens
               1 Donald Austin
               2 blank or write in your cat
35           1 Dan Griffey
               2 Drew MacEwen

1 -  Jon Petit – long time activist against the status  quo, Hutchings if you don’t like Jon  had issues in Tenino, but conservative Absolutely not Cooper. Cooper is what we have now in spades

2 – Gary Edwards