Monday, October 27, 2014

Mary's pics by request

Mary’s pics November 2014

Ballot measures:


591 Yes. Keeps reasonable background checks. Criminals are prohibited from owning guns and it is illegal to sell to them. Enforcement of the current laws is the issue.

594 No. Gun show purchases are already subject to background checks as only members can buy and to become a member you need a background check. Not necessary and easy to abuse. Increased state spending $175-200 thousand, local ?

1351 No the measure does not provide funding, requires an increase of $4.7 billion, and doesn’t require the school districts to actually use the extra funds on smaller class size.

Advisory votes

6505 Maintain. Some voted against it perhaps because they are against marijuana being legal. I agree, but since it is let it pay for some of the problems it causes.

1287 Repealed This raises taxes and makes the tribes keep book for a rather small increase in state revenue.


District 3 – Jaime Herra Beutler

District 10- Joyce McDonald


Supreme Court God help up!!

Position 1 – write in Carol McCauley

Position 3 – write in Jeff Lindberg

Position 4 – LifePac says write in Jeff again. Johnson is endorsed by all the bad guys. Yoon thinks the courts are to protect minorities.

Position 7 – write in Carol again. Scannell has been disbarred & Stevens is supported by the bad guys.

Appeals Court

Division 2, District 2

Position 1 – Sutton endorsed by 1 bad guy, others missing LifePac calls up Carol again for a write in

Division 2, district 3 no write ins suggested against Melnick


District 2 – Graham Hunt and JT Wilcox

District 20 – Richard DeBolt and Ed Orcutt

District 22 – Steve Owens and Franklin Edwards – These are not sterling candidates, just better than the alternative

District 35 – Tim Sheldon for Senate and Dan Griffey and Drew MacEwen


District courts

All running unopposed. No write ins suggested


Assessor – Carol Person

Auditor; Coroner; Sheriff; Treasurer; Prosecuting Attorney – unopposed

Clerk – Enlow wants to add fees and Pettus doesn’t. Pettus is the less “progressive”

County Commissioner – Bud Blake

PUD District 2 – Olsen- appointed and not tried. Hess won’t take contributions not sure in contact with reality

PUD District 3 – Stearns – Pulsipher seems to be the D’s darling.