Wednesday, April 29, 2015

End of session reporting

The budget battle details will change daily, but usually in caucus until some agreement is made or not. I am signing off on reporting for this session.
I was sorry that 1113 didn't pass to allow the first nations to solemnize their own marriages in a secular setting. Hopefully it will make it next time.
Also the resolution supporting Israel. That may take longer without the Lord's intervention.
Information on the primaries and the November election will be at  LifePac

Monday, April 20, 2015


There are three budgets: capital, transportation, an operating.

The Senate transportation budget contains a gas tax increase at present.

The Senate Operating budget balances without a tax increase, the House doesn't balance.

The capital budgets differ in that the Senate emphasizes schools and the House new office buildings. From years of watching government in action or lack thereof, I see waste in both areas. Example from CA circa early 1960's. I new college campus was build with a wonderful set of laboratory building, a state of the art performing arts center and 2 stories of a planned larger library. The classrooms were in portables. It is easier to get the people to fund classrooms that fancy auditoriums. Get it? I am not expert enough in budgets to monitor this. Hopefully our legislators and their staff can.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015


1281 Concerning the sexual exploitation of minors. YES DELIVERED TO THE GOVERNOR

1491 Improving quality in the early care and education system. NO indoctrination from the cradle ON CONCURRENCE CALENDAR HOUSE RULES

1637 Authorizing law enforcement and prosecutorial officials of federally recognized Indian tribes access to prescription monitoring data. YES SIGNED BY THE GOVERNOR

5147 Concerning monitoring health and health outcomes for medicaid patients. ??? DELIVERED TO THE GOVERNOR 

5154 Concerning registered sex or kidnapping offenders. YES DELIVERED TO THE GOVERNOR

5175 Regarding telemedicine. – looks legit this time. Requires an in person visit to someone. NC  GOVERNOR SIGNED

5433 I am reserving judgment on this as they are required to use the material from the Office of Public Instruction not local although that can be added or modified.Requiring Washington's tribal history, culture, and government to be taught in the common schools. – like idea of the teaching, but too many requirements already – prefer local control and the original language of encouragement – things work better when not forced DELIVERED TO THE GOVERNOR 

5488 Concerning applied behavior analysis. . – this in coerced indoctrination and should be outlawed not licensed NO DELIVERED TO THE GOVERNOR

5557  Services provided by pharmacists – more than pharmacists involved – may be fine – includes benefits required  by the feds which would include abortion NO DELIVERED TO THE GOVERNOR

5805 Concerning conflict resolution programs in schools – paying to create community organizers, yeah that’s what we need DELIVERED TO THE GOVERNOR

5870 Prohibiting the use of aversion therapy in the treatment of minors. Prohibits things like ice water without muzzling the therapists YES as passed by the Senate. The House Bill does muzzle therapists so NOW NO FLOOR MANEUVER FAILED  ON CONCURRENCE CALENDAR

5933 Establishing a statewide training program on human trafficking laws for criminal justice personnel. Shared hope and others already have the program and would do the training free – just  require the usage of a program not develop one. YES   DELIVERED TO THE GOVERNOR