Sunday, November 3, 2019

Mary's PICS General 2019

Referendum 88 NO
Initiative 976 YES
Advisory votes ALL NO
Joint Resolution 8200 NO

Port of Olympia
District 1
Joe Downing
Other candidate so far left even the unions and sane other D’s endorse him

City of Lacey      
City Council, Position No. 1
Malcolm Miller

City Council, Position No. 2
Lenny Greenstein

City Council, Position No. 3
Ed Kunkel

City of Olympia      
Cheryl Selby less bad

City Council, Position No. 2
Jessica Bateman prochoice, but not progressive

City Council, Position No. 3
Dani Madrone prochoice D not progressive

City of  Rainier
Position 4
Bud Green – other candidate ran as an official, questionable behavior

City of Tumwater
City council
Position 1
Pamela Hanson

Position 3
Michael Pavich

Position  7
Really can’t tell

City of Yelm      

City Council, Position No. 1
Ej Curry or Blair. I like Blair and more of my political friends to. Cannabis is a minus though here.

Position 3
Molly Carmody

Position 6
Joe DePinto
Centralia School District No. 401-L      

Director Pos 2

John F Elsmore
Beverly Clark
Really don’t know enough to comment. Clark looks more progressive, but not really sure Would vote Elsmore.

Position 3 I know even less

Position 4
Jamie Lund NRA

Griffin School District
Position 2
Not a lot of info, would go Huckaby

North Thurston Public Schools School        
School Board Director, District No. 1
Jason at LGBTGretchen Maliska over Jason as he was at the pride parade

Number 5
Dave Newkirk, but not really enough info to choose. Would work harder at this if I lived in the district

Olympia School District No. 111        
School Board Director, District No. 1
Heath Howerton
Other candidate very liberal

Tenino School District No. 402        

School Board Director, District No. 4

Reva Rice only one with website teacher
Tamara (Tammy) Schroder incumbent leaning here

Tumwater Schools
District 3
Andrea McGhee other candidate worked for the Superintendent of Public instruction looks like leaning left

Distinct 5
Khalla Davis has withdrawn and Scott Kee is running a write in campaign. He would still need to get more votes to be elected. She has endorsed him.

Yelm Community School District      

School Board Director, District No.2

Donna R Edwards as Lingle looks left

District 3
Denise Henderson better informed

Personal knowledge of some
I didn’t totally research these, but know these candidates.
John O’Callahan for Fire Protection District 12

Clay Williams Cemetery District 2 Yelm