Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Appeal of Ballot Measure Title

Glen Morgan is a long time conservative activist. This is a current suit that will be in court on April 6th.
Petition Ballot Title

Please pray and pray for Glen in general.

Friday, March 9, 2018


1377 Improving students' mental health by enhancing nonacademic professional services. NO mental health is not a school problem. If it needs to be met at the schools, then it should be funded separately under mental health Would help with McCleary too New bill no way to hold accountable
1513 Concerning the collection of youth voter registration sign up information. NO. If they can’t figure out how to register, they won’t figure out now to vote intelligently either. Transportation
1523 Requiring health plans to cover, with no cost sharing, all preventive services required to be covered under federal law as of December 31, 2016. NO requires abortion coverage
1570 Concerning access to homeless housing and assistance. NO curtailing taxpayer information under the guise of helping the homeless
2101 Concerning the availability of sexual assault nurse examiners YES and then maybe we can have the police actually test the rape kits
2276 Concerning notification of wildlife transfer, relocation, or introduction into a new location Needs to happen
2595 Concerning procedures in order to automatically register citizens to vote NO BASICALLY ASKING CITIZENSHIP STATUS Transportation
2779 Improving access to mental health services for children and youth 6485 BILL
2938 Concerning campaign finance law enforcement and reporting STOP GLEN MORGAN BILL ????
2951 Ordering a study to determine how to increase reporting and investigation of missing Native American women YES, YES, YES Ways and Means
5020  Concerning certain state ethnic and cultural diversity commissions NO costs money and we are all Americans
YES should protect both sides
5028 Requiring teacher preparation programs to integrate Native American curriculum developed by the office of the superintendent of public instruction into existing Pacific Northwest history and government requirements Would be wonderful if we could trust the OSPI.
5064 Concerning freedom of expression rights of students at public schools and institutions of higher education. YES should protect both sides
5522 Requiring the department of social and health services to collect and publicly report information on the safe surrender of newborn children. 1312 YES Need records
5598 Granting relatives, including but not limited to grandparents, the right to seek visitation with a child through the courts. ??? Sounds really good, but I can see lots of abuse by relatives that “love” the child in the wrong way, want to stalk a parent, etc. I think parents have a right to say who sees their kids period.
5722 Restricting the practice of conversion therapy. NO Here we go again totally one sided, you can change from hetero to homo but not back
5912 Concerning insurance coverage of tomosynthesis or three-dimensional mammography YES
6021 Extending the period for voter registration 2297 NO VOTER FRAUD
6084 Requiring maintenance of minimum essential health care coverage NO
6219 Concerning health plan coverage of reproductive health care.NOOOOOOO
6471 Developing model policies to create workplaces that are safe from sexual
6474 Creating a pilot project for tribal compact schools ??

5992 Concerning trigger modification devices may have legitimate uses NRA AGAINST
6037 Concerning the uniform parentage act NO Rent a womb is back