Wednesday, February 24, 2021


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Thursday, February 18, 2021


1056 Concerning open public meeting notice requirements and declared emergencies IFFY AMOUNT OF PUBLIC INPUT

1072 Removing only one of the restrictions on the use of civil legal aid funds. Removes restricdtion on representing persons here illegally,

1199 Providing compensation to department of natural resources lessees whose leases are terminated for reasons other than default. NEEDED TO PROTECT LONG TERM USERS OF PUBLIC LANDS, WHICH PROBABL SHOULD HAVE BEEN SOLD TO THEM LONG AGO



5044 Concerning professional learning, equity, cultural competency, and dismantling institutional racism in the public school system. REVERSE RACISM

5229 Concerning health equity continuing education for health care professionals.RACIST




Bills in second committee

1028 Concerning evaluation and recommendation of candidates for residency teacher certification. Looks like a union control measure Referred to Appropriations. Passed out of committee

1075 Reducing emissions from vehicles associated with on-demand transportation services. Greener bill aimed at UBER type companies Referred to Appropriations.

1076 Allowing whistleblowers to bring actions on behalf of the state for violations of workplace protections. Allows those wanting to force small businesses out of business to bring suit with state backing. UNION BILL Referred to Appropriations

1084 Reducing statewide greenhouse gas emissions by achieving greater decarbonization of residential and commercial buildings. Greener bill. Referred to Appropriations

1091 Reducing greenhouse gas emissions by reducing the carbon intensity of transportation fuel. GREENER BILL Referred to Appropriations. THEN TRANSPORTAITON

1099 Improving the state's climate response through updates to the state's comprehensive planning framework. GREENER BILL Referred to Appropriations

1103 Improving environmental and social outcomes with the production of building materials. GREENER BILL Referred to Appropriations

1152 Supporting measures to create comprehensive public health districts. Take authority away from counties. Referred to Appropriations

1168 Concerning long-term forest health and the reduction of wildfire dangers FOREEST MANAGEMENT Referred to Appropriations

1170 Building economic strength through manufacturing. NO GOVERNMENTAL MEDDLING DOESN’T WOTK AND WAY TO FUNNEL MONEY FOR PALS Referred to Appropriations

1202 Addressing meaningful civil remedies for persons injured as a result of police misconduct, including by allowing for an award of attorney fees in addition to damages and injunctive and declaratory relief WILL KILL A LOT OF OFFICERS WHO HESITATE TO DEFEND THEMSELVES

1203 Concerning community oversight boards ANOTHER BAD POLICING BILL

1213 Expanding accessible, affordable child care and early childhood development programs GOT TO SYSTEMIC RACISM AND SOCIAL’EOTIONAL LEARNING AND QUIT IT WON’T GET BETTER Referred to Appropriations

1214 Providing K-12 public school safety and security services by classified staff or contractors. ANOTHER WHITE PEOPLE ARE AUTOMATICALLY THE BAD GUYS BILL Referred to Appropriations.

1220 Supporting emergency shelters and housing through local planning and development regulations CREATION OF MORE PROJECTS AND WE KNOW HOW WELL THOSE WORKED OUT Referred to Appropriations

1225 Concerning school-based health centers PLANNED PARENTHOOD AND VACCINATION WITHOUT PARENT PERMISSION Referred to Appropriations

1227 Protecting the rights of families responding to allegations of abuse or neglect of a child GOOD BILL MAKES IT HARDER TO PUT KIDS IN FOSTER CARE ESPECIALLY INDIAN OR OTHER MINORITY Referred to Appropriations.

1277 Providing for an additional revenue source for eviction prevention and housing stability services. FEE INCREASE TO DISGUISE TAX INCREASE Referred to Appropriations

1287 Concerning preparedness for a zero emissions transportation future. GREENER BILL Referred to Transportation.

1297 Concerning working families tax exemption. DON’T NEED SS# looks like illegals can apply Referred to Appropriations

1357 Concerning voters' pamphlets for overseas and service voters. Requires they get the information in time to vote. Referred to Appropriations

1395 Ensuring equity in farming. Won’t work Referred to Appropriations


5000 Creating a hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicle pilot sales and use tax exemption program. Electric vehicle exemption Transportation

5006 Concerning local parks funding options. TAX INCREASE Referred to Ways & Means

5022 Concerning the management of certain materials to support recycling and waste and litter reduction GREENER EVERYTHING RECYCLED BILL COST BORN BY PRODUCER ACTUALLY US AND RECYCLED GOES TO LANDFILL ANYWAY AS NO BUYERS Referred to Ways & Means.

5052 Concerning the creation of health equity zones MORE RACIST USELESS BUREAUCRACY refer to Ways & Means

5160 Addressing landlord-tenant relations by providing certain tenant protections during and after public health emergencies, providing for legal representation in eviction cases, and authorizing landlord access to state rental assistance programs. ALL TENANT NO LANDLORD Referred to Ways & Means

5188 Concerning the creation of the Washington state public bank NO GOVERNMENT BANKS ENCOURAGE CORRUPTION Referred to Ways & Means

5189 Promoting housing affordability by incentivizing the construction of American dream homes. PUBLIC HOUSING NEVER WORKS. JUST LOOK AT THE PROJECTS Referred to Ways & Means

5227 Requiring diversity, equity, inclusion, and antiracism training and assessments at institutions of higher education. NO RASCIST TRAINING REQUIRED WHITES ARE INHERENTLY EVIL Referred to Ways & Means

5228 Addressing disproportionate health outcomes by building a foundation of equity in medical training. MORE OF THE SAME RACIST TRAINING AGAINST WHITES Referred to Ways & Means

5237 Expanding accessible, affordable child care and early childhood development programs. SYSTEMIC RACISM AND SOCIAL’EOTIONAL LEARNING AND QUIT IT WON’T GET BETTER Referred to Ways & Means

5241 Promoting economic inclusion ANOTHER RACIST LAW. THESE DON’T WORK Referred to Ways & Means

5259 Concerning law enforcement data collection. Looks like it will handcuff the police not the criminal Referred to Ways & Means

5269 Including the value of increased residential building capacity in the property tax levy limit calculation Disallows R-1 Zoning people put together for control Referred to Ways & Means

5287 Concerning affordable housing incentives. MONEY TO FRIENDS SCHEME. PEOPLE ARE REALL GOOD AT SORTING THEMSELVES Referred to Ways & Means


5386 Concerning school district elections. EASIEREE TO PASS LEVIES NO Referred to Ways & Means

5399 Concerning the creation of a universal health care commission. SINGLE PAYER refer to Ways & Means.

5405 Instructing the joint legislative audit and review committee to perform racial equity analyses. FIRST IT’S A RACIST CONCEPT AND EVEN FROM THE LEFT IT LEAVES OUT THE NATIVES Referred to Ways & Means

8204 Amending the Constitution to allow 55 percent of voters voting to authorize school district bonds. Referred to Ways & Means