Monday, October 16, 2017

Mary's Pics for 2017 General

Mary’s Pics 2017

Advisory vote 16 Repeal
Advisory vote 17 Repeal
Advisory vote 18 Due to McCleary decision, which I disagree with, I would sustain this one. Not happy, but more rearrangement of taxes than increase in the long run

Port Commissioner
District 2 - Bill McGregor opponent endorsed by D’s along with Zita
District 3 - Gigi McClure both prochoice other person globalist hand picked person

Mayor Alan Carr looks conservative, can’t find anything on other candidste

Can’t find enough to choose on only other contested race

Lacey Council
Position 6
Robert Motzer  - libertarian, support from friends I trust

Position 7
Rick Nelson other candidate NARL

Position 4
Max Brown  other candidate endorsed progressives

Position  5
Alan Miller other candidate endorsed by NARAL

Olympia 6
Both really bad. Both NARAL. Think Jeannie a little less globalist

Olympia 7
Daniel Marsh Olympia R and not Cooper

More research make nisqualley let me in

Chris Ward other candidate  bad. Ward says nothing about what he stands for however.

Position 5
Michael Althauser  Very liberal, the other candidate is a socialist

Position 6
Debbie Sullivan less bad

JW Foster I like that DePinto is new blood, but NO endorsements – not  even from the other new blood council

Council Position 3
Russ Hendrickson Not campaign, but public enough to see where he stands – other candidate endorsed by Ramtha honcho and a socialist

Council Position 7
Terry Kaminski The fact that Steve Klein (Mr. Ramtha endorsed the opponent makes me nervous

Position 5
Leaning Tom Browning other candidate looks big education

North Thurston
Not finding much on any candidate.
District 1
Only one with a facebook page, no websites.
District 2
Marcia Coppin moved. No time to go over voting  record of the candidates.

District 3
Katie Bridges withdrew

District 4
Heitkemper opponent endorsed by National Women’s Political Caucus

District 5
Scott Clifthorne amd Mark Campeau far left Clifthorne has more of their endorsements

District 1
Rita Luce, but little info not endorsed by the socialists

District 4
Melissa Determan Beard very slightly less bad I think